Motivational Speaker for Holistic Non-Invasive Self Help for Healing Thousands of Diseases Naturally

Patricia Ann Hellinger

Motivational Speaker, Author CEO of QuaSar Publishing


As an event planner, you know how important it is to have quality training for your staff. You also want sessions that your employees or members will want to attend,where they will be inspired, invigorated, and encouraged. You want sessions that will give them fresh, practical ideas they can use in their work as well as in their personal life. They need sessions that are provocative, and imaginative. Look no further than motivational speaker Patricia Ann Hellinger. Patricia uses personal and professional experience, humor, attention grabbing illustrations, and exciting, upbeat delivery to make your meeting, seminar, convention or training workshop an event to look forward to and one that will be memorable. Patricia brings proven expertise and can address a wide range of topics that can be tailor made for your requirements.


Patricia Ann Hellinger motivational speaker, author, counselor, CEO, founder of QuaSar Publishing. Speaker on "The Main Cause of Thousands of Diseases and Their Side Effects" has written and published three self-help books on Holistic Non- Invasive Self-Help procedures for healing thousands of diseases naturally.


Patricia Ann is champion of the thymus gland which is the  major link to our immune system the, and that by utilizing the Thymus gland is the only reliable and common sense way to survive any national  epidemic of virulent multi-drug resistant hospital  MRSA bacterial infections. These bacteria are sweeping across the nation’s hospitals, nursing homes, communities, universities, schools, and prisons.


She educates her audience about the crucial role of the fully developed Thymus gland. Its major role is to deliver our body a perfect immune system. Its performance can be the difference between life and death. Patricia Ann demonstrates to her readers and audience that by applying the holistic self-help non-invasive phyisical touch to the Thymus gland, it will respond by delivering optimum immunity for year round protection against all foreign bacteria and by utilizing the Thymus gland holistic non-invasive self-help procedure, our immune system will develop a true and lasting immunity that will seek out  bacteria by teaching our bodies to use the natural healing dynamics of the immune system to aggressively seek out the invaders and destroy them year round, because they are natural biological functioning parts of the body.


Her holistic non-invasive self help procedures for the thymus gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and hiatal hernia are all proven to be effective, dependable, and guaranteed for every age from infants to seniors!


Patricia Ann is prepared to speak on all of these topics. She shares her knowledge and expertise on how they can be healed holistically with her audience.


• Hiatal Hernia

• Depression

• Cancer

• Obesity-Overweight

• Fibromayalgia

• Adrenal Gland Exaustion


• Leukemia

• Heart disease

• Kidney disease

• Arterial sclerosis

• Osteoporosis

• Breast, lung, and colon cancer

• Stroke

• Joint Complaints: bursitis, arthritis, tendonitis


Her main goal is to educate people nation wide on the benefits and merits of the body’s own powerful natural healing dynamics.

”Rather than depend on substances for managing diseases that have a public reputation for compromising our immune system and producing life threatening effects including permanent injuries.

Patricia Ann educates her audience with live demonstrations of four holistic self hlep procedures that are guaranteed to maintain year round optimum immunity. She is very expressive and motivating with her self help expertise that she shares with her audience and is successfully educating them to rely on their body's own biological healing dynamics within. 

For more information on her lectures and seminars contact:

Patricia Ann Hellinger @ 406-432-8800


Her Powerpoint Presentation of Holistic Self Help addresses the 4 main endocrine glands that are responsible for maintaining optimum health and their self help procedures. Along with the information she has written about in her 3 self help books.

*Presentation are 3-4 hours.


Patricia Ann Hellinger offers her presentation to corporations, organizations, conventions, health fairs, public events any where in the U.S Canada and Foreign Countries.

She is available as a main speaker.