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Author Patricia Ann Hellinger is a native Montana publisher, natural healing lecturer, counselor and public speaker of 20 years. Patricia Ann began her nursing education, but had to leave her allopathic career behind to become a caregiver to her late husband, who died of a heart attack at the age of 49. After his death, the deaths of a 34 year old brother and her mother, which were all linked to medical profession errors and incompetence, out of trepidation for the medical community: Patricia Ann began seeking out the path of the Metaphysical concept of holistic health. The past 30 years of her life have been governed by Holistic Health. She constructed, owned and managed a franchise of five cardiovascular fitness and tanning centers in Northern Montana.

For the past 20 years Patricia Ann has facilitated hundreds of Holistic Non-Invasive Self-Help healings: including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome Hiatal hernia, immune system deficiencies, fibromyalgia, manic depression and rheumatoid arthritis.

She took it upon herself to conduct a documented and conclusive chronicle that CFS and many diseases could be healed Metaphysically. Patricia Ann worked with 100 volunteers, who had been diagnosed with CFS. Some  were all diagnosed with many problems as mentioned above plus adrenal gland exhaustion. Hellinger brought them successfully out of the darkness and hopelessness of illness and diseases that have a reputation for no known cure and cause unknown. She spent 11 months counseling, instructing and facilitating them through the Metaphysical healing process. It was while facilitating them through this process, she learned that they all had the same common denominator..hiatal hernia–immune system defficiencies— and adrenal gland exhaustion. It was through working with this group Patricia Ann discovered “The Body Has A Well Kept Secret” THE THYMUS GLAND! It has evolved into a fully developed gland that radiates a highly energized life force which plays a crucial role as the major link to our immune system and that the gland will respond to Self Help by elevating our immunity instantly to optimum capacity. She also learned that if the thymus gland is not performing at optimum capacity we become chronically fatigued and ill with disease.

Patricia Ann Hellinger author, counselor, CEO, Founder of Quasar Publishing and speaker on Comprehensive HOLISTIC NON-INVASIVE SELF-HELP has written and published 3 Self Help book editions for healing diseases through the Metaphysical concept CAUSE AND EFFECT : Her career entails lecturing, speaking, and counseling across North America, Canada, U.K. and South Africa for the past 20 years.

Patricia Ann, champion of the Thymus gland, advocates the only reliable and common sense way to survive the national man-made epidemic of virulent Hospital based MRSA mecI-III and mec IV bacteria infections that are sweeping across the nations hospitals, nursing homes, communities, universities, schools and prisons: Is to utilize the Thymus gland which is the major link to our immune system.

She teaches her readers to combat infectious bacteria naturally year round: Developing a true immunity to them by teaching our body to use its natural healing dynamics of its immune system to aggressively seek out the invaders and destroy them.

Patricia Ann has hosted her own TV show on cable in Great Falls Montana “NATURAL HEALTH AND HEALING DISEASES NATURALLY” Her guests included several previous clientele who have healed their diseases, Hiatal Hernia, Adrenal Gland Exhaustion, Immune System Deficiencies, naturally with her self-help techniques. A host of several people from all over the United States who participated in her group of volunteers that had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 69% of them became successful in healing their man-made disease. The others dropped out, reason being that they had chosen to learn to manage the disease, because they had grown comfortable with living with it as a daily routine. Change made them feel insecure.

Over the past 5 years she has appeared as a guest on many talk shows Nationwide. Including 3 guest appearances on the Stu Taylor’s national syndicated “Radio America” show. Her topics were “How to heal most any disease using the option of Alternative Health,  Metaphysical Self-Help”. “The national flu epidemic and how to survive, by depending on our body's own natural ability to heal itself by utilizing a natural biological part of the body, “THE THYMUS GLAND”  and “The major difference between the medical term cure and treatment, verses  Metaphysical Non Invasive Self-Help.”

She educates her audience about the crucial role of the fully developed thymus gland and that it’s major role is to deliver our body a perfect immune system. Its performance is the difference between life and death. Patricia Ann teaches her readers and audience that by applying the Thymus gland Self-Help, it will respond by providing optimum immunity year round protection, to combat infectious bacteria and viruses: Developing a true immunity to them by teaching our body to use its natural healing dynamics to aggressively seek out the invaders and destroy them.

Her four Self Help procedures; THYMUS GLAND–ADRENAL GLANDS–HIATAL HERNIA–THYROID GLAND– are all guaranteed safe! effective! and dependable for all ages! Because they are all natural biological functioning parts of our body.

Patricia Ann also demonstrates to her audience the significance of the delicate balance of the thymus gland and the thyroid gland that work together as a team to keep the immune system at peak performance and that the introduction of harmful toxic drugs medications and chemicals into the body will compromise the purpose of these two glands.

Author Patricia Ann Hellinger and husband Dean live out in the pristine country, in Montana land of the

Big Sky Country with their family of 13 (4 cats and 9 dogs) where their closest neighbor is a mile away, unless you count deer, antelope, foxes, badgers, rabbits, coyotes,wolves,  and beautiful field mice and every now and then migrating elk and moose. Living the Natural life comes easy in her environment of her early morning walks, breathing clean crisp air and watching the breath taking morning sunrise and listening to the chatter of a variety of birds waking up. Then there is also the perspective of late evening walks and picturesque evening sunsets while listening to the sounds of Mother Nature getting all her creatures ready for bed.


About the Author Updated 9/01/2011 To Schedule an Interview Contact Patricia Ann Hellinger at: (406) 432-8800 "Hiatal Hernia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Many Other Diseases Healed Naturally" is available for $24.95 by calling 1-888-281-5170 or 1-800-214-8110, or visit any book store in the U.S. and Canada. You may contact me by phone or E-mail. I am available for consultations, lectures and personal appointments. USA Telephone: 406-432-8800 E-mail Patricia All rights reserved. Copyrighted 2011

Defining the only Option for OPTIMUM Well Being


Treating disease with medications, drugs, and foreign substances, compromising the immune system and the body’s natural chemistry. Treating the disease, rather than healing it, will eventually cause more negative effects by covering up the common effect. Treatment is the process of management of the disease.


Not a cure. Not a treatment. But a healing of the body, mind, and soul. A true healing comes from using the application of METAPHYSICAL philosophy of CAUSE AND EFFECT. All diseases and illness are called effects. The effects can not and will not be healed unless the cause is established (all disease and illness begins with emotional stress and unresolved issues). To be healed is to forgive and be forgiven. When peace and harmony indwell the body, mind and soul, a stable and lasting healing has occurred.

There are 6 steps to the concept of NON-INVASIVE SELF-HELP healing which can be found in my book.

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