For Healing Pets

Natural Healing of Animals Author: Patricia Ann Hellinger

CAUSE and EFFECT influences our domestic animal life also. Most all of our domestic animals that become ill or come down with a disease have what is called the EFFECT CAUSED by humans. Take a look at the disease; it is the same as what humans have. They have stomach problems, eye and ear problems skin disorders, sprains, heart, cancer, lung, intestine, tumors, growths and then they have their own diseases that are similar to human similar EFFECTS, same CAUSE and some times karma.

If you have a domestic animal that has become your friend, the chances are that it will be ill when you are. Dogs are the most likely to contract what their owner has. When George Bush was president it came out in the news that his dog had hyperthyroidism. Later it came out that President George Bush had the same. He was closely bonded with his pet dog. The closer you bond with your dog, the more apt he is to have your illness or disease. If your dog has become a house pet, this is particularly true. Outside animals are not quite so susceptible. I have known pet house dogs to have cancer, kidney problems, eye problems, ear problems, deafness, stomach problems, heart problems, skin problems, teeth problems, urinary infections, intestinal problems, lung problems, cataracts, stomach up (Hiatal Hernia): Any disease or illness that their master experiences. In conjunction with ownership and love the dog feels it is their duty to take on the illness or disease. The reason is that they love you so much that he or she wants to naturally heal you. Dogs love their owners unconditionally and are only too willing to give their life for their masters. It does not always have to be this way.

The disease begins only on the symptomatic level, as the pet is sympathizing with its owner. If allowed to continue any length of time the disease or illness then takes on reality. Many times the animal will come down with disease or illness just before his owner does, and is not healed until the owner has the wisdom or unselfish feelings to release the pet from his man-caused disease or illness. This is done by telling your beloved pet that the disease or illness is your process not his or hers and that they must refrain from taking it on.

I have seen animals so dedicated that they would not listen the first time, as they can be stubborn on the issue, and had to asked several times to refrain from the owner’s process. I have also seen a dog that was told that the cancer of his owner did not belong to him and that he must not take on the disease which he had already done. I saw instantly that he was so happy to be to relieved of the burden, that he healed his small body of the disease cancer just like that! It was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling miracles I have ever seen. When he recognized that his body was going to be free from the disease, and freed from bondage, he ran like the wind.

Sometimes the animal will heal naturally when you, the diseased and ill one, become healed and well. It depends upon the situation. It may be that the pet and human are in a learning process together, such as both in transition to a higher consciousness, they then get well together. That would depend on the intensity of the bond. Whatever the case, your pet dog will not heal to entirety until you, the master, take full responsibility for your dog’s disease and illness and give him or her permission to heal either by healing yourself, or tell him or her that it must refrain from interference. It could be that it is not the animal’s process, just yours. Today’s animals are very intuitive and intelligent. They do listen to their master’s every thought and word and they do take on human illness and disease.

Why would we not want to heal them naturally, rather than impair their kidneys liver and heart with drugs and chemicals. If you want your pet canine to live a long and healthy life, it takes more than the proper food intake. It is your thought process and his environment that will naturally destroy him or give him a long and healthy natural life. If you are happy and healthy, or sad and depressed, whatever the case may be, your pet canine will follow suite.

Configuratively speaking, felines are different. They do have a reputation for being independent and they can have a loving connection with their masters; but not without conditions. They are not as forgiving as their canine competitors. If they are bonded closely to their masters they too can become ill or diseased as their masters, not out of loyalty but as copy cats. They too have the capability of sensing and tuning into human thought frequency and reacting to it.

We as humans have evolved to a higher consciousness of the 6th sense just in the past decade. We are neglecting the reality that our animals have also evolved to a higher intelligence level than ever before. The 6th sense has always been natural to them. They use these skills to hunt and survive.

Man is the CAUSE of most animal illness and disease. If the environment they live in is under man made stress, the animal is most likely to respond with illness or disease. Stress is how disease and illness begins whether it be man or animal.

Today animals in our homes become so closely bonded as part of the family that we tend to humanize them. That is why they share our diseases. If our home environment is reasonably happy. The EFFECT on our animal’s life will have a reason, CAUSE, to stay healthy.

If your pets are not happy for some reason with their environment, they have the intelligence to find a way to leave through the EFFECTS of illness or disease. How many of you have noticed that when your domestic animal ages they become hard of hearing, deaf or get cataracts or arthritis just as humans? Those are human diseases. Have you noticed that they begin to have kidney and heart failure? These are all EFFECTS, CAUSED by a variety of reasons by humans, diets and your thought process.

If you are feeding them food that is not good for their health, that is none other than pure sabotaging subconsciously and unconsciously their health and life. THINK ABOUT IT! We as humans impose our own limitations, restrictions, and boundaries on our pets. If we are not limited to these notions, neither are our pets. Thus giving them our same freedoms to live stress free of disease and illness.

Our pets mirror our behavior just like our children do. If your pet is aging and you fear his process you pass it on to him. He fears his own process and does not age naturally without illness or disease. Kidney disease, glaucoma, cataracts, arthritis, lung and heart disease, stroke and now lately Parkinson’s’ disease are the most famous diseases humans pass on to their aging pets without knowing that they have interfered with the animals’ natural aging process. Again, it is human CAUSED.

It is not easy to love them without interfering in that aging process. In the wild, animals have their own natural process of death. If we as humans would learn to take on the responsibility that we are the product of CAUSE and EFFECT of our own well being and health, as well as sickness and disease, then in turn learn to accept that we are also responsible for our pets spontaneous illness and disease and well being, we can do something about it.

Example: I know people who have handled their aging process unknowingly and carelessly, causing their old age diseases and then passing the disease or illness obliviously on to their pet, such as glaucoma and cataracts. I have also known people that have had an uncaring attitude towards the aging animal, causing the animal to want out and manifest a disease purposely to get out of the environment as quick as possible. Then there are those who age gracefully with ease rather than disease or illness. Likewise, so do their pets.

In reference to the Metaphysical Concept of Healing there is a segment on reincarnation. This also pertains to animals. I do not believe in mixed species in the reincarnation act. This would create an anatomy problem, which would not be natural.

In the feline family, wild animals can evolve to domestication through reincarnation, and domestic cats always come back as domestic cats, once that line has been crossed.

Canine clan. The same applies. A wolf can evolve to a domestic canine, but once a canine always a canine.

I would like to convey a new awareness about the animal kingdom. They are living creatures that are also a part of the universal consciousness of karma and reincarnation. They may have a life of the lower animal kingdom consciousness that limits their awareness. They may lead a life of disease. There are also those animals roaming like vagabonds in the city and country side. This is the next level of consciousness after being in the wild. The universe has provided them with a step at a time consciousness so that they do not go straight from the wild to the complications of domestication.

Have you had the experience of loving an animal and lose it through the death and after a period of grieving time, your heart aches to replace the animal? You then go searching for a replacement and just somehow you find the perfect animal and fall in love all over again! Guess what? It is your beloved animal back again! That is such beautiful Karma and a wonderful gift from the Universe. You may also find a replacement for your empty heart for your beloved animal again this time for a different reason! Karma! Unfinished business. If you loose your pet animal through carelessness or natural death, and your heart is broken, be comforted and assured it can come back to you. One life is not the end of a beautiful and rewarding relationship between man and his pet. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE RESPONSIBLE AND ASK TO BE BROUGHT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.

Miracles never cease do they? I have, personally throughout my life, become acquainted with both experiences. I lost a 10-year-old Samoyed because of heart problems. The day he died I instantly knew he was coming back to me. It cut my grieving time down to one 10th of the normal time. We had unfinished business.