Chronic Fatigue Testimonies

Testimonials of Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS and OI

Chronic illness has been with me, undiagnosed since I was a little girl in the form of Orthostatic Intolerance, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, while evident earlier in my life, became a crisis for me in 1993, and overwhelmingly debilitating in 1997.

Working with Patricia Hellinger for 5 weeks has increased my capacity to sleep, has allowed me to reduce the amount of an amino acid I took for sleep, allowed me to eliminate antihistamine from my daily regimen, has improved my overall well being. In addition, my body,having taken fluids for 2 years in the form of Ringer’s Lactate IV’s, suddenly, after 2 weeks of working with Patricia, would not allow the even after trying in several veins on 3 different days over one week.

Not only am I more physically able to be up and around, but my expectations for healing have been put on speed. Healing was always a realistic expectation for me, intuitively, but I expected it would take a long time and new knowledge. Yet, here I am, immeasurably improved in just 5 weeks, with the oldest wisdom in humankind-that of the spirit and the soul.

Healing has been a wonderful, yet, arduous journey for me, I’m not fully recovered, but I expect to be, and feel the experience of healing is good for me as well as for the universe, in the same way everything we think, feel and do affects the universe.

I’m grateful for the failures of the doctors and medications I’ve tried for recovery from CFOs and OI because those failures led me to other means of symptom relief, which led to an expectation of healing beyond the normal ability of doctors.

Most especially, I’m grateful to Patricia for her generosity of spirit and her remarkable and unique gifts to see, not only hiatal hernia even when doctors don’t, but to know what to do to recover from illness.


TM Maryland


Telcon Exercise

I imagine myself to be in a metal triangle that is 25 ft. high. It is large enough that I can stretch my arms out, but no more. The sides are slick, no rope or ladder to escape. I can see through to the outside, where there are a zillion words painted on, describing all the hurts, disappointments, pains, and experiences I have had. Everything that I have experienced since the day I was born. All is written on the outside of this triangle.

I want to get out of the triangle. I need to put those negative emotions and experiences behind me, in the past. They will no longer serve me. But how to get out of the triangle? The sides are slippery. There are no hand holds. I must create a way out. Earlier in the day I told myself that I am light. Light in the sense of sunlight, light in the way of weightlessness, and light in the way of being. I channel all that light into my heart, flex my knees in a little crouch, and spring from the balls of my feel towards the light outside. I want to be one with the light outside. I have my right arm raised straight up, as if pointing in the direction I wish to go. Like lightening, I am out of the metal triangle. The past experiences are behind me.

But what to do now? I don’t want to go back in that triangle. I want to connect with Mother Earth. Much of this light is Her light. So I point my right arm down, my body follows, light as air, and curves up to gently settle on Mother Earth. I am one with Her light. I am grateful to be away from the old experiences. How do I feel? Weightless, float, peaceful, joyful. Face wreathed in smiles. I have accomplished a major goal: that of leaving behind all the negatives. From this point forward I will work on a different level, moving towards total health of emotions, spirit, physical and mental

I am filled with joy. Joy that I have been missing with all the negativity I was experiencing. No more. I am healing myself, naturally. I am going to stop my medications, because I no longer need them. My body is pure, and moving toward total health.

M O Washington D.C.


Energy and Confidence

Since working with Patricia, I have more energy, and my stomach irritations have eased quite a bit. Even more important, I’ve improved my outlook and feel more confident about the future. Her guidance is invigorating.

Margarita 11/2003


35 Years of Chronic Fatigue

Although my CFIDS was not diagnosed until 1993, I have no doubt that I had it for at lest 25 years prior to that. After about 2000, I was especially debilitated, to the point where I was seldom able to leave my home.

When I first learned about Patricia Hellinger natural healing, I think it could be said my CFIDS was at the lowest of it’s low points, and been there for about three years! I knew immediately I wanted to work with Patricia, but because I was scheduled to have surgery to remove a pituitary tumor about a month later, I thought it best to wait to start my natural healing until after I’d recovered from that surgery. I felt as though I was having to put all my energy into being able to make the 90 mile trip to that hospital and go through the surgery.

I did, however, write to Patricia to tell her I looked forward to working with her in the future. She immediately wrote, back, tell me I must not delay! We began working on my natural healing in late August. Patricia saw that I had a hiatal hernia which was very high up behind my heart. She instructed me to follow along with her and visualize my hand inside my body, methodically lowering my stomach with gently speaking to both organs. She has been in the process of teaching me how to heal myself since that time. With the natural healing, I was able to make the trip, and have the surgery. I also recovered at a good pace. Without the natural healing I seriously doubt I would have been well enough to do any of that.

Because I was a such a low point when my natural healing began, I can’t yet say I’m able to go out and slay dragons. However, I am able to live something a little closer to a normal life — I have gone out to dinner with friends a few times, and I’ve also been known to do my own grocery shopping on occasions.

At this point in my healing, I need to build my strength. I recently joined the YMCA, and walked in their pool for about five minutes the first day, and have increased that time by one minute a day. Baby steps…

To facilitate a complete natural healing, I need to take no medications. I have stopped some and I’m in the process of cutting down on others. So far, so good…

Patricia is obviously very intuitive about my health, and has been amazingly able to identify the areas in my body that need attention.

Conner Wheatly Retson, Va.

CFS Manic Depressive

I am an obese, 50 year old, chronically ill female. My maladies range from Fybromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to mental illness and reflux, and everything in between. A spiritual friend brought me to Patricia’s Seminar on Hiatal Hernia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on Saturday Oct 18th 2003. I was introduced to Patricia upon arriving, and we shook hands and made eye contact. I felt a strong connection, and more than a little awe at being in her presence. I sat in the front row so I could hear better (hard of hearing).

When it came time for her to demonstrate how to heal Hiatal Hernia naturally, she chose me as her guinea pig. She could tell from where she was standing that my stomach was up above my diaphragm, the primary indicator of Hiatal Hernia. Upon closer examination, she found my stomach was wrapped around my heart. I stood with her, and she asked me to think of someone who had caused me harm. Back into my childhood if I wished. She asked if it was a man, and I answered yes. Patricia asked me to meditate about what I was about to do. I then spoke to my stomach, gentling it so it would know what I was going to do. Taking five deep breaths, I prepared my body for this intrusion. Then Patricia placed my left hand horizontally across my chest, just under my breasts. She told me to imagine my hand was inside my body, touching my organs, particularly the stomach around my heart. With eyes closed, I imagined physically pushing my stomach down into its proper position to a count of four, then quickly hold the stomach down by zipping it into an imaginary pocket.

Next Patricia told me to meditate on my Thymus gland. She told me it was directly under my sternum. Amazing enough, I could imagine my fingers going through the bone, and touching soft tissue. I massaged there for a while, as she explained that this was the center of my immune system. I silently told the thymus gland to wake up and issue the hormones,etc. that make the system successful.

The afternoon ended with the gesture of Patricia making a commitment to work with me if I was committed to heal naturally. With my laundry list of maladies and prescriptions, I did not have to think about it. I greatfully said Yes!


I noticed I was having many bowel movements per day. (Instead of days in between.) I thought it was something Patricia had started, but she told me no. With my stomach back down, I was going through a de-tox of all the chemicals I was taking. Lots. 29 different prescription pills per day. We’re going to work on that.


This healing session had to do with taking all the negative emotions out of my heart. Negative emotions are a strong cause of Hiatal Hernia. I stood in an imaginary circle and when Patricia would say a word, like “fear”, I would imagine fear, grab it out of my heart, and throw it down on the floor so hard it hurt. We did this for many emotions. I had particular hatred for my mother, and I forgave her, and blessed her. At last we had cleansed the heart of negative emotions.

I then stepped into another circle and looked back at the circle I had left. I looked for those negative emotions that I had thrown on the floor. They weren’t there. They were gone! They were part of my past. There they would stay. But quickly, we needed to fill up the space in my heart that those negative emotions had held on to for so long. We filled my heart with love, joy, peace, serenity, health and freedom.

Patricia asked me to step into yet another circle. This circle would completely surround me with the Dance of Life. First I bent over and imagined toughing the space between the bottom of my feet, and the rest of my physical self. I scooped up a handful of the Dance of Life and bringing it up, covering my body with it, and bringing it all the way to the ends of my hair. This was a rather time consuming process, because there was healing going on at every stop along the way. The Dance of Life is a healing all unto its own. I felt tingles all over my body as when your hand or feet start going to sleep. But not uncomfortable. Then I opened my eyes and saw sparkles shooting out from my arms and my legs. The sparkles looked like the ends of Christmas tree tinsel. Immediately after healing, I felt a little numb on my lower body. Wreathed in smiles, I felt joy, and giggles with the newness of it. I was filled with gentle gratitude for Patricia and nearly said, “I love you” when we hung up.


My homework for the day was to make a list of what I want out of life, and document what I would like to weigh. My body will naturally go towards that weight.

Today we rid the individual organs, blood, veins, tissues, skin, bones, etc. of the negative emotions, replacing those emotions with the Dance of Life. So I would imagine touching/handling each organ, taking the negative emotion and throwing it out. We even took the emotions out of the unconscious and the subconscious. Once again, I stepped from the circle that was piled high with negative emotions ad moved into the Dance of Life Circle I felt exhilarated when we were through.


I had an interesting time doing my homework for today. I though I was supposed to get the anger out about my parents that had been held in for so long. So I composed myself and started talking to my parents (out loud) about what poor parents they were, how they treated me differently from my sister and half brother. I screamed, cried, rocked back and forth, keened and beat a pillow. I screamed and yelled until my vocal cords were raw. I was exhausted. My hands could barely find enough energy to return to my computer and journal my experience. There, on the computer, was my REAL assignment for the day. I was to rid myself from being bipolar (manic/depressive.)

So I went back (to the highest, most remote room from where my dogs might hear me.) I was bone weary. But I had this goal to achieve. Both for myself and Patricia. So I yelled. I yelled that I rejected any labels like bipolar. I rejected any labels like manic or depressive. I yelled at this disease to get out, get out, get out of my heart, my body, and my head. I yelled that I would not have any more mood swings or over spending them zooming down the abyss. I screamed and hit that pillow so much that my body was weary, my arms sore (from hitting the pillow), my mood balanced but tired. I wore myself out. But I wore myself out for a good reason.

Minutes later I realized that I was extremely calm. Tired, but calm. This was a good thing.

Now the amazing part of this day is that I was up at 9:00 am, instead of my traditional noon, experienced tremendous stress acting out my anger, and didn’t take a nap. That’s some type of record for someone who regularly sleeps 15 hours per day, and much longer when in a Fibromyalgia flare. Terrific.

During the past three days, since I’ve moved into my new body, everything I see have given me some small pleasure. My mood is up and positive. I am discovering a sense of humor long lost. All day, and into the night. I don’t need as much sleep. I am sleeping 25% less than I did a week ago, and for the past several years. This is a new me, stopping more and more meds, loving my family, and feeling no pain. In one week, I have reduced my meds by one half (50%), with the only side effect being a great one. No more parched mouth! My walk is brisk and energetic, more so than for many, many years. My old aches and pains were left behind with the old body. I believe this new body to be perfect as God originally gave to me. I wore down the old body with negatives. I have been given a second change to get it right. I am going to cherish this body, and take care of it as God intended.

I am happy. All these beautiful experiences have taken place through my new found ability to heal myself naturally through my creative self.


Fibromyalgia & CFOs

Nine years ago my body shut down by going into anaphylactic shock as a result of too many rounds of penicillin, allergy shots, and a chaotic life. I ended up allergic to all but 9 foods and resorted to brushing my teeth with baking soda. Practitioners of conventional medicine diagnosed me with severe food and drug allergies and fibromyalgia. Their solution was to give me three different types of allergy medicines and oral steroids to treat the symptoms. These drugs kept my symptoms from getting worse, but did nothing to address the underlying causes of the symptoms – which meant I would never get better. Although I was able to get myself off the steroids after 8 years, I was unable to eliminate any other drugs from my daily regimen.

In my heart, I knew there had to be a way to find the root of my illness, but I had no idea how until I talked to Patricia the first time and she explained to me how she would help me heal myself. After two weeks of natural healing work with Patricia, I was able to stop taking two of the allergy medicines and have not experienced any of my previous symptoms. My blood pressure had dropped from an all time high of 150/120 to 100/74 and I no longer collapse in exhaustion after my two year old goes to bed at 8:00. I am thinking more clearly and have a much more positive outlook on life and the possibilities the future holds.


Wake up to natural healing.

Hellinger teaches her readers how to take matters regarding their health into their own hands, literally. The author has brilliantly deduced and presented the lowest common denominator for our ailments. She writes about two natural methods that could save millions of lives during the flu seasons: the “Hellinger Hiatal Hernia Applied Self-Help Technique” and the “Hellinger Life Saving Technique of Manually Boosting the Immune System.” These techniques, which the author discovered and honors, allow you to circumvent drugs and medication that can destroy and handicap the body’s natural healing dynamics. Celebrate: once you’ve healed naturally, it’s forever. You must believe in natural healing for this effective process to work.

I healed myself from decades of struggle with adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I no longer take any of the prescription medications I formerly used to manage my condition.

Debbie Jolly Northern Virgina USA

Thank you for teaching me your Non Invasive self help technique in healing my hiatal hernia. I began feeling benefits immediately: my body felt light, my kidneys and bladder received a healing and my energy level became higher. After 16 years of grieving, my mind and body felt a wonderful healing. My out-look on life changed significantly, I feel uplifted. I am thankful I did not need surgery. Your technique was swift, painless and healthier for my body

Gerry Gimbel, Columbia Falls, Mt.

After my hiatal hernia became healed, I felt great results from our healing seminar and guidance. I experienced a drastic release of tension in the stomach and diaphragm area plus increased energy and mental clarity. You are definitely on to something. Later, after I did our Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Non Invasive self help technique which activated the thymus, I had a vast life force flowing out of my solar plexus for several hours. Something I had never before experienced.

Robert Marcus, Sebastopol, Ca.

I m grateful that you shared your knowledge of healing a hiatal hernia. I had a hernia for 6 years and much suffering of my body, joints aches and pains. I experienced several benefits right away. I could feel the blood circulation in my face and head instantly. My blood pressure is down. I reduced 20 lb. I especially like the benefit of a flatter stomach. Your Non invasive self help technique is definitely a winner in my book. It was quick and painless

Robert Griffin, Galata, Mt.


On November 7, 2003, I had the opportunity to speak with Patricia Ann Hellinger via telephone. During our conversation she was aware that my stomach was up and asked if I would like assistance in lowering it into proper position. I immediately agreed and she proceeded to guide me through the steps and visualization to do just that. Once my stomach had been lowered into it rightful place the tension I had felt in my stomach had simply disappeared.

Two days later we spoke again and this time Patricia guided me through two wonderful experiences. The first was to “let go of” all negative emotions that had been gathered in the emotional body from birth until now. She facilitated me through this by asking me to visualize myself standing in the middle of a square. Then she proceeded to name twenty-four negative emotions. Examples of some of the emotions she mentioned were Fear, Anxiety and Sorrow. When she named each negative emotion one by one I would say to myself, “I let go of this negative emotion (say the name of the emotion) from birth until now.” I found that saying the name of some of the negative emotions made me uncomfortable. This was a powerful observation for me. The negative emotions had become part of who I was and now I was to cleanse and free myself of all of these burdens. Next I stepped out of the square I was just standing in and visualized the square and all the negative emotions rising up to the Universe to be recycled into unconditional love. Only after I did this, there was still a piece of the square remaining. So Patricia ask me to cut the cord that connected me to the square (it was similar to a rope) and then I sent the remaining part of the square back to the Universe to be recycled into unconditional love.

Next it was time to receive the new energy called “Dance of Life.” Patricia asked me to imagine a circle and go stand in the center of it. She explained that this new energy was around me feet and as soon as she mentioned this I could feel that tingling there. As per her instructions, I touched my feet and invited the “Dance of Life” energy in. As soon as I did this I could feel the tingling sensation rise up my legs. I watched and felt as this energy kept rising up my body all the way to my head. The energy felt tingly, fresh, happy and light. I saw specs of light dance around me like you would imagine fairies do in story books. I said to Patricia, this energy feels like nature. She said it is the energy of the Earth. Wonderful. The “Dance of Life” is a gift from my soul to keep me in perfect health the rest of my life.

Michele Boutin

Getting Out of the Box of Fibromyalgia Pain

Severing the past for fibromyalgia pain was perhaps one of the most difficult exercises of my first week’s work using natural healing through the power of cause and effect. Standing in a square area this tie, the powerful guided imagery was that of being enclosed in a box that gradually rose from that square to 10 feet in height. The box consisted of thick metallic walls. There was an opening in the top, but little light was shining through.

Having recently begun daily drinks that included raw unprocessed honey, my feeling with similar to the bees trapped inside Sylvia Plath’ s bee box (from her poem “The Arrival Of The Bee Box”):

The box is locked, it is dangerous. I have to live with it overnight And I can’t keep away from it. There are no windows, so I can’t see what is in there. There is only a little grid, no exit.

The challenge was to imagine a way to exit this apparently immovable container. My first thought was to use a ladder, but such an approach with its incremental steps, was not an option. In desperation, thoughts of knocking the container over became overwhelming, but it became apparent that this would only transform the container into a coffin. After some considerable time, a rope appeared, not attached to the box but to something above it. Was this rope a noose or a lifeline? I was instructed that the rope could be used only once as a means of escape, which would have to be done primarily in a single powerful attempt. If I failed in the first attempt, there would be no second tries.

I mediated on using all of my energy in one leap to the upper end of the rope, and was then able to do that. With only a few more arduous pulls up the rope I was able to see over the edge of the container and to the outside. Jumping the distance to the ground would have been impossible, but taking the leap of faith empowered me to float gently down to the floor outside the box.

Stepping away with a sense of happiness, I was surprised to find that the box still stood, and that I was attached to it by a thick cord – perhaps the very one I had used for my climb. I was guided to cut the cord quickly and fully, which I did. The cord then fell to the earth, and both the box and cord disintegrated.

The evening’s difficult journey had been accomplished.



Chronic Fatigue

When I got down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, being seriously sick for the first time in my life and no knowing what had happened to me, I was going from doctor to doctor in hope of a magic pill that would cure me. But the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and the medications were making me sicker and sicker. Most of the time I was sicker from the side effects that from my illness. It took a while but I finally realized that I needed to heal myself naturally, that was obviously the only way except I didn’t know where to turn to until I found Patricia. From the very beginning I knew I was on the right path, healing holistically and naturally – on all levels, and I was participating and that was the most important.

Results were obvious from the very beginning, not only to me but to my family too. Every day I see positive changes on every level. New color in my face, much better energy level, new way I react to, cope with and handle situations, newfound hope and joy in life and definitely new perspective and outlook on life. It has been a wonderful spiritual journey and road to health and I’d recommend this method to everybody including my family




Chronic Fatigue Syndrome effects 50% of the population In the United States and Canada.

In the mid-80’s CFS was deemed the YUPPIE FLU

Western Medicine defines Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a incurable disease with no known cause. THIS IS TRUE

In the World of Natural Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is defined as can be HEALED THROUGH THE IDEOLOGY AND STRATEGY OF CAUSE AND EFFECT

There is actual living proof of CFS victims who have healed the disease naturally through CAUSE AND EFFECT




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