Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Author: Patricia Ann Hellinger

For the past 20 years Patricia Ann has facilitated hundreds of drug free natural healings: including cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome hiatal hernia, immune system deficiencies, fibromyalgia, manic depression.

She took it upon herself to conduct a documented and conclusive chronicle that CFS and many diseases could be healed naturally. Patricia Ann worked with 100 volunteers, who had been diagnosed with CFS they were all diagnosed with many problems as mentioned above plus adrenal gland exhaustion. Hellinger brought them successfully out of the darkness and hopelessness of illness and diseases that have a reputation for no known cure and cause unknown. She spent 11 months counseling, instructing and facilitating them through the natural healing process. It was while facilitating them through the natural process she learned that they all had the same common denominator..hiatal hernia–immune system deficiencies—and adrenal gland exhaustion. It was through working with this group Patricia Ann discovered “The Body Has A Well Kept Secret” THE THYMUS GLAND! It has evolved into a fully developed gland that radiates a highly energized life force which plays a crucial role as the major link to our immune system and that the gland will respond to Self Help by elevating our immunity instantly to optimum capacity. She also learned that if the thymus gland is not performing at optimum capacity we become chronically fatigued and ill with disease.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is basically nothing but a psychological disease. Physicians invented the word for their own logical satisfaction and statistics, There is no true method to put to the test to become a absolute for such a name. You were put through many medical tests and what symptoms you gave them they felt did not match the test. You then had the name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pinned on you.

For the most part all diseases named by Western Medicine are for intentional psychological purposes. You got a psychological name they got a specific medicine that matches, just for you and your psychological mind.

All Diseases are Effects. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the effect caused by a Hiatal Hernia, Adrenal Gland Exhaustion, Thyroid gland, Thymus gland that have become dysfunctional.

Effects are basically terms of weak, impaired, abnormal, dysfunctional, handicapped,challenged, influenced or disabled. They are in no way a permanent condition, and can be healed Naturally.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is symptomatic condition. With hundreds of symptoms that are effects that can be healed naturally. Through the simple ideology of Cause and Effect.

Cause is the root of the problem. Unresolved issues Emotional stress Emotional Trauma Raging Anger.

In order to heal ( this is a permanent condition ) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome naturally : You must be self disciplined, dedicated and determined and be willing to accept changes.

You will begin the healing process by taking your God Given Power and reverse the psychological effects that were imposed on you. You will do this by using your mind to psychologically disconnect from the psychological disease.

I have worked with many who were diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that made it back to the real world. If you are serious about getting well and believe in Self-Help and Self Worth. I will personally instruct you and guide you to wellness.

I have written a book Hiatal Hernia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that I dedicated to Chronic Fatigue victims. It has explicit instructions and a very clear map how to restore your health and wellness to your body and mind.

My experience with my volunteers was the most adventuresome journey of my life. They had the most wonderful imaginative minds. They went beyond unforgettable, fascinating creativity of tears, pain, mental stress, laughter and humor they went the whole 9 yards. Some wanted to give up but I managed to coax them back. Some times I felt like a mother hen. I will always be grateful for the memories and kinship that we formed. They will always be very special to me and I will always honor the journey of those who have and are associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It was not until I completed my organized volunteer program, did I realize that I too had so many of their symptoms 15 years earlier. I healed my self, through hundreds of hours of research, memories of my short nursing career and all my training books and literature. I would never seek help from Western Medicine. I did not want any psychological label pinned on me. I subconsciously felt that would be the end of my life. Which for many people unfortunately it was the case

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is named as one of the top disabling diseases in the world today. It is estimated that Chronic Fatigue affects 50% of the population of the United States and Canada. Chronic Fatigue knows no boundaries, it disables men and women adults of all races. In Medical Science it is not possible to confirm that an individual has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not the probability of not possible to confirm that an individual has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not the probability of some other fatigue causing disorder. The only way a patient is diagnosed is through the elimination of other known illnesses with similar symptoms. This method is controversial because it is not possible to confirm that an individual has CFS. This is indeed very frightening to me, as if an individual is misdiagnosed and treated with medications, this can be very dangerous and life threatening. Also costly. Medical Science does not believe there is a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and states the cause is unknown.

This may be true in the world of Medical Science, but through my experience as a natural health advocate, I found this to be false. Natural healing's do occur through the natural law of CAUSE AND EFFECT. For every Cause there is an Effect, for every Effect there is a Cause. All diseases are called the EFFECT. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the Effect. So, the Natural Cause can be traced if done in an all Natural process.

Through my experiences in the world of natural health, natural healing's actually occur through the concept of CAUSE and EFFECT. By using this concept I have discovered the Natural CAUSE of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I am able to facilitate a true and Natural Healing of CFS without the use of drugs, medications, remedies, or alteration of the physical body. Medications and drugs introduced into the body alter the physical body and interfere with the body's natural abilities to heal itself by disabling the immune system, which is already in a challenge symptomatically by CFS.

If you suspect you are being challenged with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or diagnosed with it, learn the technique of a simple but unique exercise that will rectify the CAUSE and then your body’s immune system will have the capacity to heal CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME naturally. For a more complete and comprehensive analysis. You may contact me via my E-mail.

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