Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect Author: Patricia Ann Hellinger

CAUSE and EFFECT is a basic and fundamental rule that has been in existence since the planet earth began. It is a law of the universe. The earth itself is an EFFECT of the universe, be it an explosion of cosmic energy or change in the galaxies, that being the CAUSE that formed the planet.

Everything existing on the earth is subject to the law of CAUSE and EFFECT. Nothing is excluded and all is subjected to it. For example, if hunters in certain regions were allowed to kill off as many as they wanted of certain species, this would CAUSE an imbalance in that particular area as the animals natural predator would become starved and many would die from lack of food. The EFFECT is an unbalance of nature.

The rain forests of South America are becoming depleted by Man which is the CAUSE of environmental changes, such as less rain and moisture seriously EFFECTING their climate and the well being of the rest of that country’s vegetation, CAUSING the extinction of certain animals and interrupting the food chain, again EFFECTING the balance of nature. If the Great Whales of the sea were allowed to become over hunted and extinct this would upset the food chain, CAUSING an abundance of the sea life they exist on, also CAUSING an imbalance of the sea world. The EFFECT could be the extinction of much of our sea life as we know it, also Effecting our land environment by driving certain species of birds inland, bringing in foreign competition that would EFFECT many land animals.

So you see, we are all the CAUSE and we are all the EFFECT.

Now let us go to the human species and their well being and CAUSE and EFFECT. The principal of CAUSE and EFFECT is a logical and natural approach to well being from disease and illness. FOR EVERY CAUSE THERE IS AN EFFECT AND FOR EVERY EFFECT THERE IS A CAUSE. If one’s physical body is expressing wellness or illness and disease this is called the EFFECT. The CAUSE is that of a seed that was planted by the mind and the thought process, be it negative or positive.

Negative energy from the mind can also be translated as guilt. The mind is constantly planting seeds of manifestation to our being on the unconscious and subconscious level. If negative feelings and thoughts are allowed to exist in the mind for any length of time, you can be sure some part of the body relating to the thoughts will become weak and unbalanced and manifest illness or disease that would be an EFFECT. For example, during life’s process if one is processing unresolved issues and does not filter the process properly and has reservations with the filtering of the process the kidneys will be affected. For example, if a woman has been violently sexually assaulted as a child, it is a good chance she will subconsciously blame herself, or be angry at the rapist and project anger on that part of her body that was violated, setting herself up with negative thoughts about the area of which she became violated, CAUSING it to eat at her. The EFFECT is the area that has been violated would become weak and out of balance. She has naturally begun the manifestation process of disease in the area of which was violated. The EFFECT is cancer of some part of that area.

We manifest illness and disease by way of the unconscious and subconscious mind. Disease is not manifested consciously by any means.

CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME IS THE EFFECT CAUSED by the Thymus gland and the immune system being out of balance. Where does that CAUSE originate? The immune system is the warrior and protection system of the body. What is the CAUSE of it being out of balance? What CAUSED the person to be emotionally threatened and what fears are being expressed. Each person as an individual has their own thought process (the origin) that manifested the EFFECT. So what is the original CAUSE? By going down to the roots of the EFFECT and by destroying the life of the seeds (the CAUSE) and the origin, you have given the body the right of passage to heal naturally.

PROSTATE CANCER: THE EFFECT. The prostate gland represents the male ego, the masculine side of the male species. Where did the CAUSE originate? Why is the rate of this disease increasing on such a large scale amongst young men when it has always been considered an old man’s disease such as premature aging, old thinking, feeling old, acting old, OLD MAN’S THINKING is a negative charge for premature aging. The CAUSE was manifested by negative thoughts, that became the seeds of manifestation on some unresolved issue, constantly eating away by way of the subconscious and conscious level of the mind sending negative messages to that area. The disease is the EFFECT CAUSED by an association with guilt and distress. The essence of our disease and illness can always be traced back to the origin. If the mind is out of harmony and not at peace, the body will respond with a condition or occurrence.

ARTHRITIS: THE EFFECT HAS A CAUSE. Be it a negative emotional experience or condition, or an on-going negative thought process, at any rate you can be sure there was and is discontent at some level and some dimension an unresolved issue in the mind. This is the natural state of the body and mind working together and if the seeds that were planted are discovered and destroyed by the mind, of whence it came, the body and mind together will heal the disease ARTHRITIS beautifully and naturally on its own. The body has been designed to capably heal itself naturally, with the help of the whole being.

For every illness and disease on the planet, there is a CAUSE and it can be traced back to its natural origin (THE CAUSE). The body is constantly recording what the mind has to say. We as humans have the capability of manifesting our illness and disease, WE CAN ALSO MANIFEST WELLNESS. Illness and disease is always the EFFECT. We can also go to the other end of the spectrum, and say that anyone who wants to become healed and will accept full responsibility for his or her health and well being, by sincerity, honesty, aggressive and positive thinking, will create their path to wellness, holistically and naturally, by positive thoughts of forgiveness and peace. That Is the EFFECT.

That is the philosophy and principal of CAUSE AND EFFECT and the relativity of “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.” CAUSE means to generate an EFFECT. CAUSE is responsible for the EFFECT. CAUSE is the reason for the EFFECT. EFFECT is the results. EFFECT is the aftermath. EFFECT is the condition that is traced back to the CAUSE.